The Climate Disaster Project

The Climate Disaster Project is helping build community and connection around this century’s defining human experience: climate change. Founded in September 2021 and headquartered at the University of Victoria, it’s led by faculty at UVic and 12 other post-secondary institutions. The project includes a virtual international class where journalism, social work, and writing students gather and publish first-person narratives shared by individuals who have lived through climate disasters. Some of the narratives created by the project are published by media partners like Asparagus. The cover story of our Summer/Fall 2022 issue features three of them narratives. We will publish additional narratives from the project online, and collect them all on this page.

Fighting the Cycle of Environmental Abuse
A former boxing-gym owner takes on climate denial.

Apocalyptic Weather Made Me Climate-Conscious
This journalist’s climate concerns increased when hurricanes in Atlantic Canada started feeling normal.

From the Climbing Wall to the Climate Barricades
A rock climber gives up competing to focus on climate activism.

A Climate Awakening in the Summer Smoke
A week of working in the heat and smoke opened an Alberta student’s eyes to the realities of the climate crisis.

When You Can’t Afford to Keep Cool
A student’s heat wave experience showed him the costs of the climate disaster.